Mike Vensel was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and spent most of his childhood and adolescent years in the southern United States, later going on to study Architecture in Miami. While attending college in Miami he studied fine art under artist Robert Thiele and began to create large scale abstract paintings and urban landscape photographs. He took up residency at the Bakehouse Arts Complex and began showing his work with Bettcher Gallery. In 2001 Vensel moved to Los Angeles and began to develop a body of work based on abstract minimalist paintings on silk and rayon along with sculptures made of fabric, wood and steel. In addition to his paintings and sculptures Vensel is known for his performance art installations, choreography and diorama vignettes with live models which he has exhibited at ACE Gallery, ACE Museum and the Italian Cultural Institute. In 2016 he began work on his most ambitious project to date, a series of land based sculptures which merge land art, sculpture, architecture and fashion. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

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